SQLyog MySQL GUI 8.8 beta 1 Released

Changes (as compared to 8.71 ) include:

Important notice:
* With this release the PHP-script used for HTTP-tunneling has been updated. This is required to support SOCKET connections with HTTP-tunneling. Upgrading users that use HTTP-tunneling will have to replace the file on their server(s) – also if they do not use SOCKET connections.

* In Schema Sync and ‘copy database’ connections are now identified with their color code as defined in the connection manager.
* In ‘Import External Data’ import of Foreign Keys/relationships are now disabled as default when importing from Access and the interface has been clarified in this respect. The reason is that unless Access security settings are changed for the database it is not possible to import Foreign Keys/relationships and an error would occur if not security settings allowing for exposing relationships were defined.
* Implemented a tooltip on Query tabs (including Query Builder and Schema Designer tabs) displaying full path to file (if any).
* With HTTP-tunnel there now is an option to specify a MySQL socket file for connection to MySQL. Note that in that case MySQL ‘host’ and ‘port’ settings are ignored (if any).
* Hexadecimal and binary/base2 strings can now be entered for any datatype using ” x’..’ ” and ” b’..’ ” notation in GRIDs. SQLyog will now not ‘quote’ such values starting with “x'” and “b'” when performing DML operations from the GRIDs.
* Implemented support for the BIT datatype. In DATA and RESULT tab BIT’s will now display using ” b’..’ ” notation what in combination with the point above ensures that BIT data are updateable. Note that with HTTP-tunnel this is not functional in RESULT tab as PHP does not provide sufficient meta-information for a result set to decide column-widths.
* Drastically improved memory management in DATA and RESULT tabs. This allows for larger result sets in memory and improves scrolling. This also fixes a bug introduced in 8.7 where scrolling could render wrong values displayed in the GRID.

Bug fixes:
* SQLyog will now never use TIMESTAMP(14) but only TIMESTAMP. TIMESTAMP(14) returns an error in MySQL 5.5.
* Fixed a truncation when importing data from ‘standalone’ Primebase server (note: not MySQL with PBXT storage engine. This never was a problem).
* When editing a very large ENUM-list SQLyog could crash.
* Schema Designer did not properly keep track of names of renamed tables.
* Fixed a truncation of display in Form View with specific character sequences.
* Right-clicking a JOIN line/symbol in Query Builder could fail to bring up the JOIN properties dialog.
* The SQLyog editor highlighted a keyword followed by a dot as a keyword instead of recognizing it as an identifier.
* While ‘rebuilding tags’ autocomplete did not return database objects.
* The option in ‘preferences’ to ‘generate queries using backticks’ did not have effect when double-clicking an identifier name into the editor. This is fixed and additionally now also autocomplete will ´backtick`objects if the preferences’ option is selected.
* Lots of GUI fixes and lots of internal optimizations.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
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