SQLyog 8.8 introduces improved performance, SQL_mode support and more.

We are pleased to announce a new and improved GA version of SQLyog MySQL GUI. The highlights of this  release (8.8) are:

* Drastically improved memory management in DATA and RESULT tabs. This allows for larger result sets in memory and significantly improves scrolling with large result sets.

* Added a sql_mode setting for connections. There is an option to let the GLOBAL mode apply for the session as well as to specify a sql_mode for the connections. The setting is stored on a per-connection basis. Sometimes the GLOBAL sql_mode setting on server is not the best option for a GUI tool and sometimes you may want to take special precautions by setting a specific sql_mode different from the GLOBAL mode.

* With HTTP-tunneled connections to MySQL connection through Unix SOCKET is now possible by specifying the path to the MySQL Socket file on the server (before it was only possible if the tunneller file was edited). On some *nix systems (in particular where multiple MySQL instances are running) it is not always possible to access the MySQL instance(s) using a TCP-port.

* Support for hexadecimal and binary/base2 strings. In GRIDs data can be entered for any datatype in hexadecimal and binary/base2 format using ” x’..’ ” and ” b’..’ ” notation.

* Full support for MySQL BIT types (with any ‘n’ value for BIT(n) ) using ” b’..’ ” notation.

* Lots of fixes and GUI (and other) improvements. Refer here for details with this and other (recent as well as older) releases.

We hope that you will like this release and do not hesitate to contact with any issue, problem or just a comment.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php