SQLyog MySQL GUI 9.0 Released

This is the first GA release in a new major branch of the SQLyog MySQL GUI.

This release introduces an easy way to look up proper values for values inserted to columns that have a Foreign Key CONSTRAINT.  Foreign Key CONSTRAINTs can be difficult to handle for a human user because when updating a ‘child’ table valid values for columns that have such CONSTRAINTs  in the  ‘child’ table will often be ‘just a code’ ( an autoincrement integer or some very ‘compressed’ and ‘symbolic’ values (like item numbers, order numbers etc.).

This SQLyog release provides a direct way to look up in ‘parent’ what should be inserted in child. It works like this: In both GRID and FORM mode a ‘…’ symbol will display if the actual column has a Foreign key CONSTRAINT. If you enter some value in the cell and next click this button SQLyog will find all matches for what you have entered in the ‘parent’ table. It does so in two steps:

1) First it will try to find an exact match (using ” = ” operator) in the ‘parent’ column of the ‘parent’ table. So if you are able to memorize, the full matching row from ‘parent’ will display and you can verify with a single click.

2) If no match is found in first step it will try to find a ‘fuzzy’ match (using ” LIKE ” operator with wildcards attached to the string before and after) against all columns of the ‘parent’ table.

A new dialog with the result of this search is displayed. Once the search results display you can select any matching row found in ‘parent’ table and SQLyog will take care that a correct and valid value is inserted to the ‘child table’. If the first search returns too much ‘noise’ you may search again specifying customizable filters.

Note that the search string will not need to be a valid value for the ‘child’ column as it is not saved.  It is used for searching in the ‘parent’ table . Even the (rare) situation where a ‘child’ colum has more than one ‘parent’  is handled.

Other changes (as compared to 8.82 ) include:

* Please note that this release requires a new registration code as compared to previous 8.x versions.  Before installing please ensure that you have the registration details available.  Existing customers may retrieve the details from our Customer Portal.

* In CSV-exports NULL-values can be written as a user-specified string. ‘\N’ is default for compliance with MySQL (SELECT INTO OUTFILE and LOAD DATA), but for use with other programs (such as spreadsheets) other options may be relevant.
* Added an option to automatically add ‘child’ tables to selected tables (before it was only possible to add ‘parent’ tables) in Schema Designer and Query Builder.
* Added a “Change Background Color” option in Edit menu
* A foreground color for text display contrasting a defined background color is now automatically provided by SQLyog in Object Browser and Connection tab.
* The visual effects of tabs have been improved with continued scrolling support. There is a + icon next to the last tab which provides options to add new tabs.
* In ‘Import External Data’ there now is an option to TRUNCATE target tables. Before only DROP+CREATE was possible.
* In ‘Import External Data’ added an option to discard/clear column DEFAULTs. Some ODBC-sources use default specification that will not work with MySQL and it was tedious to define this for every table when a large number of tables were imported.

Bug fixes:
* Data entered from the GUI to mange ENUM/SET types were not escaped properly what caused problems with the ” ‘ ” (single quote) and ” \ ” (backslash) character.
* Focus in Object Browser was lost when creating a Stored Procedure.
* There is now a button/link to open the log file in each dialog wherever it is referred.
* Fixed an issue where non-binary data were displayed as “(Binary/Image)”.
* Now TAB/SHIFT+TAB keys will rotate through buttons, check-boxes and tools in Result/Table Data tabs.
* Fixed a crash occurring when running Schema Sync and a Query Builder or Schema Designer TAB was active in the program main window.
* Fixed a truncation issue while importing binary data from PrimeBase server.
* When repeatedly stepping forward and backwards in SJA wizards most recent data entered by user could be lost and replaced with previous values.
* Deleting multiple rows af a table without a Primary Key in one operation could crash SQLyog. This bug was introduced in 8.8.
* Fixed a crash occurring when connecting on some Windows 7 systems with Service Pack 1 installed.
* While formatting multiple queries the SQL formatter now does not add a new line if a new line already exists between two queries. Formatting multiple times would insert new empty lines between queries for each cycle.
* A few more Query Formatter ‘refinements’.
* When closing a Query tab or a Query Builder Tab user was promted to save even if he/she had ‘blanked’ the content of the tab. Now it does not unless the tab was populated from a file. SQLyog will still prompt user to save in this case.
* A small GUI fix with the ENUM/SET dialog.
* After dropping a column from Object Browser context menu focus in Object browser would change randomly. Now focus will be retained on the parent COLUMNS folder.
* SQLyog could crash when attempting to delete rows from the table having a foreign key constraint. This bug was introduced in 8.82 due to improvements made in scrolling.
* SQLyog could crash while the table contents were being loaded in table data tab and the user tried altering the table at the same time.
* If server had timed out the connection SQLyog could fail to reconnect when opening a ‘stored program’ definition

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php