MySQL Data Search – data at your finger tips!

I don’t need to emphasize how productive you can be if you find what you are looking for in a quick and easy way. Google has shown it to us. Wouldn’t it be fun to have the same ease and speed while searching for data in your databases? Well, that’s what Data Search is all about. Find the data you want without writing any queries or worrying about the underlying schema. Type in the search string and you’ll have a table of all search results waiting to be clicked and be taken to the exact cell of the table. It also supports search operators like AND, OR and “”. Note that the results of this search is not the same as WHERE clause query results. Its rather a natural way of search. Lets say its like googling your database. For better precision you can search with regular expressions too.

MySQL Data Search

This release also includes many enhancements to the User Interface. Most of the dialog boxes are now re-sizable, and the ‘Advanced’ option of Import External Data tool is redesigned. You can also set the foreground color for tabs and object browser.

I would also like to shed light on Master Table Lookup feature introduced in the earlier version. Enter any text in a cell and this nifty feature finds you all the matches of the entered text in the parent table.

Both of these features should be a real time saver, making SQLyog 9.x the must have upgrade for all users. Master Table Lookup is available in all editions whereas Data Search is only present in the Ultimate edition. We are very excited about this release and hope you like it. Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section below.

For bug fixes and other changes please refer to these release notes.

SQLyog customers can download SQLyog 9.1 GA from the Customer Area.

To evaluate SQLyog 9.1 GA please download a 30-day Trial.

Team SQLyog