SQLyog is now available in Japanese

“Publishing software in English will make you reach most of the global audience” is a myth. Users like software in their own language. For Non-English speaking audience localized software is a necessity. We heard it. SQLyog is now available in Japanese & will be made available in other international languages soon. We are using crowd-sourced human translation services from myGengo for translating SQLyog. I’d also like to add that our website is machine translated using Google Translate.

Embedded below are some related screenshots:

Option to change language

SQLyog in Japanese

If you want to do your own translation, we will soon provide instructions and tools for creating localizations as a ‘drop-in’ solution to an already installed instance. Watch this space for a post on it.

We are very excited about this new 9.3 release and would love to have your feedback. What other languages would you like SQLyog in?

Team SQLyog

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php