SQLyog MySQL GUI 9.5 beta 1 Released

Changes (as compared to 9.33) include:

* All CREATE TABLE and ALTER TABLE GUI functionalities will now open in a non-modal tabbed interface.  The new tab appears in the SQL area (alongside QUERY tabs etc.). With the new interface some minor bugs with the old interface have been fixed as well. Also the SQL generated is cleaner as regards formatting and redundancy. Note that in this beta the old dialogs are still used by Schema Designer.
* HISTORY and INFO tabs will now also appear in the SQL Area. The rationale is that those are not related to a specific (set of) query(ies). We plan to move the DATA tab up there as well for same reason.
* When SQLyog opens, the SQL Area will new open the HISTORY tab, INFO tab, and a single QUERY tab. Other tabs belonging in this area can be opened on demand. HISTORY and INFO tab display are persisitent across session (ie. if one is closed when SQLyog closes down it will not diplay when SQLyog is opened next time – but may be opened by user, of course).

Bug fixes:
* The BIT datatype was not supported properly in text-mode.
* On COMMUNITY if the SQL Area was increased to fill all vertical space, the divider could not be dragged back.
* In ‘Execute SQL-script’ it is now optional if the complete script should abort or not if an error was encountered.  Before it always aborted. The fix does not apply to HTTP tunnel where we will still ‘abort on error’ always.
* Copying to clipboard could erroneously raise an ‘out of memory’ error.  This was a miscalculation.
* ‘Import External Data’ wizard now supports SHIFT+CLICK selection of objects.
* The connection manager GUI’s of the SJA wizards did not handle SSL certicates properly (the main program window did not suffer from this).
* If an ENUM/SET column was returned using an alias the drop-down combo in the RESULT GRID did not display.
* Underscores were not handled properly by Autocomplete.
* Syntax highlighting is now not used in INFO tab. It made sense for the CREATE statement only and was disturbing in other contexts.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php