Monitor your MySQL servers like never before – use CSOs!

We are delighted to announce the release of MONyog 4.8 GA. This release is all about customization – to be precise Custom SQL Objects (CSO) and Custom SQL Counters (CSC).

The above diagram shows how Monitors & Advisors (MySQL Counters) are populated. MONyog has a repository of SQL Queries which are executed in regular interval of time & the results are stored in SQLite database of MONyog. These results are exposed as JavaScript objects and are referenced to populate Monitors and Advisors (MySQL Counters).

With CSO, you can add your own SQL queries to this repository & customise counters based on that. Discussed below are some cases on how useful CSOs can be.

Refer the following posts for detailed release notes:

MONyog customers can download the latest installer from Webyog’s Customer Portal.

To evaluate MONyog, please download the 30-day trial.

We are very excited about this release, and hope you like it. We would love to hear from you.

Team MONyog