SQLyog MySQL GUI 9.6 Released

Changes (as compared to 9.51) include:

* When performing CREATE/ALTER TABLE operation from inside the Schema Designer now a dialog with a tabbed interface similar to the CREATE/ALTER TABLE tab will open.
* It is now optional if Query Builder will create statements with ‘fully qualified tablenames’ or not.
* Implemented Alt+Ins, Alt+Del, Alt+Up and Alt+Down for inserting, deleting, moving up/down the rows in CREATE|ALTER TABLE interface when the focus is on respective grids. The tooltip for the toolbar buttons will now show this shortcuts.

Bug fixes:
* In Data Sync a low setting of ’max_allowed_packet’ on source server could result in CONCAT_WS() used for checksums’ calculation returning NULL . We did not consider this and as a consequence rows could fail to sync without warning. We will now abort the job with an error message (if user has selected to ‘abort on error’) or print an error to the sja.log file and the console (if user has selected not to ‘abort on error’ ) informing that some rows may have been skippped in such cases.
* The fix for empty string defaults in 9.51 was not complete. It was (unlike 9.5) possible to create such default but it did not display as ” after creation in ALTER TABLE.
* If multiple databases with same name existed only differing in lettercase SQLyog would generate certain statements using the ‘mostly lowercased’ database name. This bug was introduced in 9.5.
* Autocomplete runs in a separate connection, but also when Autocomplete was disabled this connection was created for no reason.
* SQLyog sometimes waited unnecessarily long (30 seconds – what is the client timeout setting we use internally) to report that SSH connection could not be established. This happened for instance if a wrong RSA passphrase was entered. In such and other cases there is no reason to wait for client timeout.
* Small fixes – mostly GUI fixes to the new CREATE/ALTER TABLE interface.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php