SQLyog Query Profiler re-invented.

Baron Schwartz from Percona has just re-invented the SQLyog Query Profiler.
Refer: http://www.mysqlperformanceblog.com/2012/02/20/how-to-convert-show-profiles-into-a-real-profile/

The SQLyog Query Profiler was introduced in SQLyog 8.o in February 2009 – exactly 3 years ago. The funny thing is actually that Baron Schwartz reviewed it before release (at friendly commercial terms) at the time. The SUM-aggregation and the ORDERING that we did (and it was solely our decision – not Baron’s advice) in SQLyog 8.0 to the result from SELECT FROM I_S.PROFILES is the same as Baron now announces as “something I developed”.

Well ..

1) First let me make it clear that I am not complaing.  I believe Baron when he tells that he does not remember details of the SQLyog Query Profiler today. When I use the term funny above I mean it. Baron is welcome to re-use it even if he forgot and had to re-invent it (and also we re-use his ‘Change Of STATUS VARIABLES Due To Execution Of Query’ profiling concept from the original Maatkit release as well).

2) But *developed* is a pretty strong term to use for a rather trivial query (just a SELECT .. SUM() ..  GROUP BY .. ORDER BY .. basically), I think.  Just like there are only 12 notes in (western) music and it is difficult to write music that does not resemble previous music somehow, it is also difficult to write queries that do not resemble previous queries (I know chess-players would disagree – with 64 squares and 32 pieces  possibilities seem infinite – but maybe the rules of chess allow for more creative combinations than the rules of SQL? I belive so.  It probably also applies to music – but not to SQL IMHO 🙂 ).

Happy PROFILING (with any tool you choose)! And Chess-playing as well!