SQLyog MySQL GUI 10.0 beta 1 Released

Changes (as compared to 9.63) include:

* The DATA tab is now moved to the upper pane. This completes the GUI redesign we started with version 9.5 (but we will continue after 10.0 release to provide optionality for this).  A DATA tab will now open from table menu/context menu,  keyboard shortcut F11 or from the “+” icon to the right of open query etc. tabs.  Also if not the option to ‘paste object name to editor on double-click ‘ is selected in ‘preferences’  it will open on double-click on the table in Object Browser.
* Added an option to open a DATA tab in ‘sticky’/persistent mode. A DATA tab opened like this will remain open until closed manually by user.  If a DATA tab is opened in ‘non-sticky’/non-persistent mode it will be replaced when opening another table in ‘non-sticky’/non-persistent mode.
* Redesigned the menu bar in DATA and RESULT tab including new icons.
* SQLyog now opens as default with a blue-colored interface.  The old non-colored interface can be selected from preferences .. ‘others’ tab .. ‘theme’ (the 10.0 blue default theme is named ‘twilight’). Currently ‘themes’ apply to the main program dialog only and not popup dialogs. It is actually possible for user to modify a ‘theme’ or to create his own ‘theme’.  Information about this will appear after GA release.
* Several improvements to Schema Sync performance: 1) before an ALTER TABLE statement would be generated for every schema change.  Now in most cases they are aggregated to a single ALTER TABLE statement. 2) Optimized queries and internal processing.
* The current row in DATA and RESULT grid can now be selected using Ctrl+SPACE .
* Added multi-column filter and sort option in Table data tab.
* Added a control for select all/deselect all rows in DATA and RESULT grid.
* Ctrl+Alt+V will now rotate between GRID, TEXT and FORM display modes for DATA and RESULT tab .
*  SQLyog installers are now digitally signed. When downloading with IE9 a false warning appeared due to lack of certificate and also UAC (‘User Account Control’ of Vista+ Windows) would warn that the program was from an ‘unknown publisher’.
*  When upgrading, the installer will now remember what shortcuts were created previously.

Bug fixes:
* Quite a lot of GUI fixes.

Miscellaneous :
* The shortcut to ‘execute all queries’ has been changed from SHIFT+F9 to CTRL+F9 . This is changed because SHIFT+F9 on some keyboards (including most English keyboards) could easily be mistyped if user wanted to type a bracket ( “(” or “)”).

Finally please note that documentation is in progress but not completed with this beta.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php