SQLyog MySQL GUI 10.1 Released

Changes (as compared to 10.0) include:

* It is now optional whether DATA, INFO and HISTORY tabs shall display in ‘upper pane’ (as in 10.0) or in ‘lower pane’ (as before 10.0). The setting is available in tools .. preferences .. general. Note that for DATA tab this applies to the ‘non-sticky’/non-persistent DATA tab. A ‘sticky’/persistent DATA tab will always display in ‘upper pane’.
* DATA, INFO and HISTORY tabs appearance will now be persistent across sessions when configured to display in upper pane. If visible when program was closed they will open when program starts next time – if hidden when program was closed they will not. When configured to display in lower pane they will always be visible.
* The checkbox to ‘select all’ as added in DATA and RESULT tab in 10.0 is now implemented all over the program, including SJA wizards.
* The background color for the editor can now be defined by user. Same applies to Query Builder and Schema Designer canvas. Also settings for syntax highlighting in the editor can now be defined using a full color palette.
* Multi-column sort in DATA tab now uses CTRL+CLICK modifier when clicking the column header. A simple CLICK (with no CTRL) will discard previous sort setting (if any) and do a single-column sort.
* Added an option to copy selected text into clipboard with all whitespace (SPACE characters, TAB characters and linebreaks) replaced with a single SPACE character. The option is available from menu and the keyboard shortcut ALT+C .
* Sorting (single-column) of results is now possible in Data Search tab.

Bug fixes:
* With Windows classic theme enabled, switching SQLyog’s theme could replace the ‘minimize’ button with garbage text.
* ’Paste SQL statements’ could crash COMMUNITY. This bug was introduced in 10.0.
* Persistence of display mode (GRID, FORM, TEXT) will now only have effect after the tab has loaded with data. If user interrupts loading of data the current mode will not change.
* Since version 10.0 undefined data of an auto-increment column will display as “AUTO” and not “NULL”. But with specific table definitions “AUTO” could display for the wrong column.
* Editing second and higher table from a multi-table result set could fail due to incorrect SQL generated. Introduced in 10.0.
* In the Import External Data mapping columns dialog, using “Edit SQL” to view/edit the query could generate a query with an incorrect encoding of the statement. As a consequense the statement failed.
* If an existing connection (in connection manager) with unsaved changes is open “New Connection using Current Settings” would not take the current settings, but the settings saved for the connection instead.
* The query generated for INSERT from table data/result tab now include only values entered by the user. Columns that were not specified by user are not listed in the statement. UPDATE bahaved like this for a long time, but INSERT did not. This could result in an error when inserting to a table with NOT NULL column(s) with no DEFAULT defined.
* When SELECT was executed, Auto-paging in Result tab was always enabled even if the option “Enable Autopaging in Data/Result tab” was unchecked. This bug was introduced in 10.0 with the common LIMIT setting for DATA and RESULT tab.
* Updating and deleting from RESULT tab could fail if PK-column(s) were not included in result set. This bug was introduced in 10.0 .
* In a ‘fully qualified’ object name (`database`.`table` etc.) there may be SPACE characters on both sides of the “.”. SQLyog did not handle this and with autocomplete enabled a crash could occur as autocomplete was not able to identify object name(s) correctly.
* ‘Export as Excel XML’ could genereate an empty file with no data. This bug was introduced in version 10.0 .
* When inserting/updating the last column in a row in Data/Result tab, pressing tab from keyboard would point to the first column of the next row but the scroll bar failed to bring the selected column into display. This bug was introduced in 10.0.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php