SQLyog MySQL GUI 10.4 beta 1 Released

Changes (as compared to 10.3) include:

Features: .
* Added a filter in the Object Browser for hiding display of database objects here. More precisely: database objects, where the typed filter string is not a substring of the object identifier, will be hidden. When focus in on the connection node, the filter will act as a database filter.  If focus is on a database, a table, a table folder or any sub-table object, it will be a table filter on current database.  If the focus is on a stored program or stored program folder of any kind it will be a filter on that type of stored program in current database.  The filter is specific for each database object (connection, tables of a database, or a type of stored programs of a database) and is persistent within a SQLyog session (but not persistent across sessions).
* NULL-values are now displayed with italics like (NULL). This eliminates any confusion with a literal value.
* Added ALT+F5 as a keyboard shortcut for refreshing a DATA tab.
* SQLyog will now “USE `mysql`;” when User Management is opened and reset the default database again when it is closed.  Before using User Management on a replication master could break replication with specific binlogging settings.  This is a workaround for what we consider a bug in MySQL .
* Improved Schema Sync performance if Foreign Keys were involved. We now execute fewer statements in such cases.

Bug fixes:
* Fixed a ‘commands out of sync’ error when executing a stored procedure multiple times.
* Fixed a bug where the foreground/background color applied for Messages tab failed to paint properly.
* The ‘SQL Scheduler and Reporting Tool’ could fail to deliver server messages in mails sent.
* Creating views/sp’s/function/triggers/events added statements twice to messages tab.
* The ‘total time’ displayed for a query would not always correctly calculate the sum of ‘execution time’ and ‘transfer time’.  This bug was introduced in 9.2.

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