SQLyog MySQL GUI 10.4 beta 2 Released

Changes (as compared to beta 1) include:

Features: .
* When ‘rebuilding tags’ in auto-complete we are now committing small transactions to SQLite. Before it was one big transaction. This ensures responsiveness and normal operations for indexed data while ‘rebuilding tags’.
*  Drastically improved auto-complete performance. This is actually the third time we do so, but recent additions to SQLite makes this possible again (technically autocomplete now uses SQLite ‘WAL mode’).
*  Added support for the ‘Windows authentication plugin’ (available from MySQL 5.5.16).

Bug fixes:
* A database name would not be completed by autocomplete if the database was listed in connection manager.
* Fixed some cases where autocomplete CTRL+Space/Enter incorrectly did not return a table/alias .
* Fixed some issues where autocomplete did not immediately return objects created – most important objects added by ‘Import External Data’ tool and ‘Copy Database/Table to Other ..’ would not display immediately. It was neccessary to ‘rebuild tag’.  It is not now.
* Loading a unicode file with BOMs (Byte Order Marks) into the editor could strip characters (3 characters with UTF8 – 2 characters with UCS2/UTF16) from the pasted content. A buffer length allocated did not consider BOMs properly.
* MESSAGES tab could display conflicting messages about warnings.  This bug was introduced in 10.3.
* When copying from MESSAGES tab and pasting into SQLyog editor – or any editor or program – the  pasted content could add garbage characters.
* Fixed a GDI leak introduced in beta 1. For every query executed SQLyog’s GDI allocation increased.
*  ‘Silent uninstall’ was not working as expected .
* UPDATE statement generated by Data Sync did not use ‘fully qualified tablenames’ whereas INSERT and DELETE statement did.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php