SQLyog MySQL GUI 10.5 beta 1 Released

Changes (as compared to 10.41) include:

Features: .
* New major feature: “Visual Data Compare” (in short ‘VDC’).  It is a third option for Data Sync in addition to the two already existing (‘direct sync’ and ‘generate sync script’). A VDC-job is started from a modified version of the Data Sync wizard (from the ‘powertools’ menu). VDC may read parameters from a Data Sync jobfile. With VDC you will be able to compare differences visually and specify tables and rows that shall be sync’ed as well as to decide in what direction to sync. A SQL preview is available.  VDC is an ULTIMATE feature (and development is still in progress – expect improvements to the interface and more options to be included before 10.5 GA. Also documentation is in progress but not complete with this beta). Finally note that VDC requires that tables have Primary Keys.
* Explain and Explain Extended for queries can now be executed from Query Editor context menu. Also this is an ULTIMATE feature.
* Query Profiler now supports Explain for Insert, Update and Delete statements if server supports. MySQL servers from 5.6.3 servers do.  .
* Copy DB and Backup as SQL Dump will now respect the defined Object Browser filter if any.

Bug fixes:
* A style issue caused mails sent by SJA not to display properly in some clients. A <style> tag was placed in header section which is generally truncated/omitted by most mail clients. HTML styles are now embedded internally in the body of the mail..
* It was possible to rename a table by clicking it twice in the Object Browser.  This functionality has been removed as it too easily could cause a table to be renamed by mistake. Tables can still be renamed from menu/context menu and corresponding keyboard shortcut (F2).
* Inserting a string literal identical to a supported ‘smart keyword’ from GRID/FORM view by enclosing it in backquotes (like `NULL`) did not remove the backquotes before insertion.  This bug was introduced in 10.0.
* Fixed an issue where autocomplete failed to handle identifiers with an underscore character properly.
* The selection in object browser was reset to the ‘container node’ of current object when a filter was defined or cleared. This will only happen now when a filter is applied and the currently selected object becomes hidden due to the filter setting.
* Fixed a painting issue in the Schema Sync dialog.
* Fixed an issue where autocomplete would display the same option twice. It happened in some cases if the same identifier was in use on different levels of the schema (such as if a table had a column named identically to the table itself).

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