SQLyog MySQL GUI 11.0 beta 2 Released

Changes (as compared to beta 1) include:

Bug fixes:
* The position from where the ‘Themes’ folder was read did not honor a specified -dir startup switch. It will now read from a ‘Themes’ subfolder to the folder specified with -dir if exists.

* Explain Extended (executed by Query Profiler) now pops up an error dialog instead of logging to MESSAGES tab if an error occurs with the statement.


Cases to be aware of when upgrading from versions before 11.0 beta 1:

1) Program identification:
Both the 32 bit and the 64 bit installers (64 bit was introduced in 11.0 beta 1) distributed have new file names identifying their ‘bit-depth’. Also in ‘add/remove programs’ they are identified with their ‘bit-depth’.  Same applies to desktop and start menu shortcuts created by the installer.  This means that after upgrading, the old registry entry and shortcuts will exist in parallel with the new ones created.   After installing the 32 bit version the old shortcuts can simply be deleted (as they point to same files as shortcuts created with the 11.0 installer). However be aware that if you have a pre-11 version installed, next install the 11.0 64 bit version and finally uninstall the old version, your registration details will be removed from the system and you will be prompted for them again when starting version 11 for the first time after. This will be solved with the 11.0 GA release.  So in the meantime we suggest you leave both versions on your system.

2) ‘Import external data’ (ODBC):
The 64 bit version will require 64 bit ODBC-drivers.  This is a particular problem with import from Microsoft Office programs as well as from text/CSV files when not using a DSN created explicitly but using the temporary file-DSN that SQLyog can create in the background. The problem is that 32 bit MS Office will install 32 bit drivers and after that 64 bit drivers cannot be installed (it is possible the other way around and 64 bit MS Office drivers are available for download. MS Office 2013 64 bit – and maybe also MS Office 2007 64 bit – installs 64 bit drivers that works fine with the 64 bit architecture of this release. Office 2010 did not have the option for 64 bit). This issue as well as non-availability of 64 bit drivers for some of your data sources may make you decide to stay with the 32 bit version or have both the 32 bit and the 64 bit version installed.

Downloads: http://www.webyog.com/product/downloads
Purchase: http://webyog.com/shop