Speed up your database navigation with SQLyog

While coding, every second counts. And when the complexity of the database increases, you need to find new ways of speeding up your coding workflow. Let us admit it, we developers prefer to get all our work done using keyboard shortcuts, without having to switch to the mouse.

To streamline your entire coding experience and to speed up database navigation, here are a couple of useful keyboard shortcuts to make the most out of object browser filter in SQLyog.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  1. Ctrl + B – sets focus on object browser for operations related to Object Browser.
  2. Ctrl + [Up arrow] – brings focus to server/top-most element in Object Browser.
  3. Ctrl + E – sets focus to Query Editor to write queries.
  4. Ctrl + Shift + B – brings cursor focus on Object Browser filter.
  5. Right Arrow – Expand treeview element
  6. Left Arrow – Collapse treeview element
  7. Esc – Removes applied Object Browser filter on the selected element.

Filter actions:

  1. To filter databases, type when the server level element is selected in the Object Browser.
    Element selected Filter applied
    Server/ root Databases
    Databases Tables
    Tables Tables
    Columns Tables
    Views Views
    Stored procedures Stored procedures
    Functions Functions
    Triggers Triggers
    Events Events
  2. To open table content, press enter when a table is selected in the Object Browser
  3. You can bring focus to Object Browser from anywhere in SQLyog. If the root element in Object Browser is selected, on pressing keys, databases will be filtered, otherwise tables in that particular database will be filtered.

With the above tips, you will definitely save precious time by speeding up database navigation in SQLyog. If you would like to read more SQLyog quick tips, drop a comment below and we will follow up this series of blog post with your suggestions.