SQLyog MySQL GUI 11.1 Released

Changes (as compared to 11.01) include:

* Encoding of all passwords in all job files in the same way that the passwords are encoded in the SQLyog.ini file. The job files created with older versions of SQLyog will work with the new version. However, job files created with version 11.1 will not work with previous versions of SQLyog/SJA.
* A setting in the connection manager for enabling the MySQL Cleartext Authentication Plugin. This sends the password in clear text and is to be used only if the user has a secure connection and a specific need for this. For example, if the server has PAM authentication enabled, then the password needs to be sent in clear text.
* An option in the Connection Manager to keep a connection alive by pinging the server (using mysql_ping) at a user-specified interval.
Note about Keep-Alive Interval:
1. This should only be used if setting a high session timeout does not prevent disconnection
2. There could be a small lag if a query is executed at the exact same time as the ping. This is because the ping has to finish executing before the query can be executed.
3. The interval specified should be the highest possible interval which still prevents disconnection.

Bug fixes:
* Incorrect mapping of the double data type when importing from access in import external data.
* Fixed a crash which would occur while dropping an index when table data was in focus – introduced in v10.
* In Visual Data Compare, an incorrect query could be generated if the primary key column was not the first column in the table – introduced in v10.5.
* COLLATE clause was not handled properly in Schema Sync
* If the difference between the structure of 2 tables was only the character set, then Schema Sync could incorrectly generate a comma in the alter table statement.
* Session timeout value was not stored in the job files.
* DataSync in SJA for linux 64 bit would fail in some cases due to incorrect typecasting.

* Changes in the order of execution of statements when opening a new connection. Now the user specified init-command(s) will be executed after SQLyog’s init-command(s).

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php