SQLyog MySQL GUI 11.23 Released

Changes (as compared to 11.22) include:

Bug fixes:
* Fixed a rare crash which could occur while stopping query execution.
* Fixed a crash while expanding tables in Scheduled backup with no connection open.
* Import External Data truncated DOUBLE and FLOAT values to 6 digits after decimal point.
* Paste did not work in a column where a ‘Foreign Key Lookup’ icon displays (FK ‘children’ columns).
* When opening a SJA wizard multiple times and selecting an existing jobfile, the jobfile details were not displyed 2nd and higher times. Instead details from first time a job file was opened during the session were displayed.
* Exporting to a SQL-dump failed to escape properly, if a view contained columns with backtick(s) in the column identifier. Please note that this is a partial fix for backticks in identifiers only as columns names with backticks (in both tables and views) will now be exported correctly, but database and table etc. names with backticks still don’t. We don’t recommend using backticks in an identifier at all (even though it is legal  from a ‘formalistic point of view’ in MySQL 5.1+).
* Specifying a filename with non-ASCII characters in LOAD DATA LOCAL raised the error ‘file not found’ even if file existed and was valid. This is a very old (from the beginning) issue with MySQL clients on Windows due to the missing or incomplete implementation of ‘Windows Unicode’ (UTF16 little endian)  in both MySQL server and clients/API’s/connectors, but we found a client-side solution for LOAD DATA LOCAL. However note that UTF16LE still cannot be specified as CHARSET in LOAD DATA. This is a server issue. So this fix addresses only ‘Windows Unicode’ in the file name and not in the file content. Files with utf16le-encoded content will still need to be re-encoded to UTF8 before import to ensure proper import of characters of the complete unicode BMP range.

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