SQLyog MySQL GUI 11.51 Released

Changes (as compared to SQLyog MySQL GUI 11.5) include:

* Query Builder and Schema Designer tabs are now handled by ‘session restore’ exactly the way that Query tabs were in 11.5.

Bug fixes:
* In a multimonitor setup SQLyog was always opening in the primary monitor if closed in maximized state.
* In Schema Sync altering an Event could generate an incorrect query.
* Recent files were not displayed in file menu.  This bug was introduced in version 11.5.
* ‘sesson restore’ would not always open connection tabs in same order as was the case when program was closed.  This happened if user had re-organized the tab-order manually.
* Saved SQL files were not being marked as dirty when edited after it was restored by ‘sesson restore’.
* When the content of an editor tab had just been saved as a file before closing the program, ‘session restore’ would sometimes not save and restore that particular tab.
* If SQLyog was closed with no connections open, ‘session restore ‘ would still restore the last connection that was open.

* Upgraded the linked OpenSSL library to version1.0.1h (OpenSSL is used for SSL-connections – not for SSH tunnel).

Downloads: https://www.webyog.com/product/downloads
Purchase: https://www.webyog.com/shop