SQLyog MySQL GUI 12.04 Released

Important note: With the 12.0 release we changed registration keys. The new key is available for registered users from our Customer Portal. Users upgrading from a pre-12.0 version should have the new key available before installing. Until SQLyog 12.x is registered with the proper key, it will only display the registration dialog.

Changes as compared to SQLyog MySQL GUI 12.03 include:


* Added support for the ‘clear-text plugin’ (used by Oracle/MySQL LDAP authentication) and the ‘dialog plugin’ (used for MariaDB PAM authentication). Unlike the LDAP support available in early 11.x versions there is no user setting for either. SQLyog will transparently for user detect how  to communicate with the server during authentication.
* It is now possible to save current setting of Visual Data Compare in a job file. This job file will be compatible with Data Sync (ie. a job file generated by one may be used with the other and vice versa).
* ‘copy database/table(s) ‘ now has an option to copy triggers defined ON tables selected for copy.

Bug fixes:
* Fixed a rare crash caused by ‘session restore’ code. It could happen when executing a LOAD DATA LOCAL statement, for instance. Only Windows 8.1 was affected (+ some Wine beta version(s) according to user reports, that we were never able to reproduce).

Downloads: https://www.webyog.com/product/downloads
Purchase: https://www.webyog.com/shop