SQLyog MySQL GUI 12.05 Released

Important note: With the 12.0 release we changed registration keys. The new key is available for registered users from our Customer Portal. Users upgrading from a pre-12.0 version should have the new key available before installing. Until SQLyog 12.x is registered with the proper key, it will only display the registration dialog.

Changes as compared to SQLyog MySQL GUI 12.04 include:

* SQLyog now supports computed (virtual/persistent) columns for MariaDB 5.2+ servers.

Bug fixes:
* Result tab could display wrong execution and total time in status bar.
* When using SSH tunnel and the SSH daemon used was on another host than the MySQL server connected to, SQLyog would display the connection as a connection from localhost and not from the SSHD host.

* Changed the rendering mechanism used on high-resolution monitors, where Windows as default will scale the desktop (and objects appearing on it) to match an approximately 96 DPI-display experience. However, before this release that did not apply to icons and some other graphics resources in SQLyog as well as Windows standard controls (bottons, checkboxes etc.), that could all appear very small on such displays.
* Offline docs are removed from SQLyog. Now online docs will open in default browser. It is not posssible to continue support for the CHM help format.  It was officialy abandoned by Microsoft years ago (when Windows Vista was released) and has not been maintained since.

Downloads: https://www.webyog.com/product/downloads
Purchase: https://www.webyog.com/shop