SQLyog MySQL GUI 12.06 Released

Important note: With the 12.0 release we changed registration keys. The new key is available for registered users from our Customer Portal. Users upgrading from a pre-12.0 version should have the new key available before installing. Until SQLyog 12.x is registered with the proper key, it will only display the registration dialog..

Changes (as compared to SQLyog MySQL GUI 12.05) include:

Bug fixes:
* The computed colums functionality, introduced in 12.05, executed a SHOW CREATE TABLE with database and table indentifiers not `backquoted` in the background. As a result ALTER TABLE was not available for tables with some characters (such as SPACE) in database and table identifiers.

Downloads: https://www.webyog.com/product/downloads
Purchase: https://www.webyog.com/shop