SQLyog MySQL GUI 12.09 Released

Important note: With the 12.0 release we changed registration keys. The new key is available for registered users from our Customer Portal. Users upgrading from a pre-12.0 version should have the new key available before installing. Until SQLyog 12.x is registered with the proper key, it will only display the registration dialog.

Bug fixes:
* Fixed a crash on ALTER TRIGGER introduced in 12.08. This crash was due to unavailability of SHOW CREATE TRIGGER (in MySQL server before 5.1 or due to a MySQL Bug). The patch in 12.08 failed on such environments. We will now revert to old logic if SHOW CREATE TRIGGER is not available or returns an error or an empty string.
* Same problem as listed above could cause a crash in Schema Sync.
* Import External Data would map a MS SQL varchar(max) datatype to a MySQL ‘varchar’. The ODBC driver for MS SQL would then return an empty string for varchar(max) columns. We now map MS SQL varchar(max) to a MySQL ‘TEXT’ datatype as default.
* On batch execution of queries the Query Profiler will now be disabled. Earlier SQLyog EXPLAINed first explainable statement in batch execution. This arbitrary choice has caused confusion, and in cases where the batch executed a DROP TABLE it could result in an error when a table referenced in EXPLAIN did not exist anymore.
* SQLyog restricted user from entering a table comment of more than 60 characters. Now if user is using MySQL server >5.5.3+ he/she will be able to enter table comments up to 2048 characters.
* Fixed a crash on “copy database to different host”. Only SQLyog Community was affected. This bug was introduced in SQLyog 11.52.

* Fixed the Korean translation with patches contributed by a Korean user.

Downloads: https://www.webyog.com/product/downloads
Purchase: https://www.webyog.com/shop