SQLyog MySQL GUI 12.12 Released

Changes as compared to 12.11 include: 

* XML files can now be imported from GUI controls in table menu/context menu provided that details of the XML follows one of the three supported XML-schemes supported by MySQL LOAD DATA XML syntax. This includes XML files generated with SQLyog and mysqldump.

Bug fixes:
* Server name in object browser was displaying wrong in some cases.
* JSON export added in version 12.11 could add an extra delimiter what could cause an error in the environment where the JSON was used.
* Profiler tab was getting focus instead of Messages tab in some cases if query was executed by placing cursor inside query and if more queries appeared in the Query tab and queries were executed ‘one by one’ (it did not happen when highlighting the query).
* In ‘Export as’ dialog, SQLyog did not remember the escape character used if escape character was defined as “\\”. It would then replace “\\” with “\”.
* In some cases SQLyog wasn’t displaying warnings for the query executed. Most common case was when a function was used with an argument of incorrect type causing server-side truncation of the argument (example: “SELECT ABS(‘a’);”)

* Increased the dialog and column sizes for index and foreign key popup dialogs for better usability.

Downloads: https://www.webyog.com/product/downloads
Purchase: https://www.webyog.com/shop