SQLyog MySQL GUI 12.16 Released

Changes as compared to 12.15 include:


* Schema Designer may now optionally use ‘portrait’ or ‘landscape’ layout for printing. Before only ‘portrait’ was available. Also page breaks may now be previewed.

Bug Fixes:

* With ChallengeResponseAuthentication’ set to “YES” in SSHD configuration, SSH tunnel from SQLyog would fail. This was introduced in 12.13 with the PLINK update here.
* On Wine the color palette used for customizing colors of the SQLyog interface did not open.
* In the Connection Manager .. MySQL tab, pressing ALT+V moved cursor to “keep alive interval” setting (last control of the tab) and not “saved connections” (first control of the tab).


* The Import External Data tool would create indexes on BLOB/TEXT columns with an index prefix length of (only) 6 characters. This has been raised to 255.
* SQL Server “UNIQUEIDENTIFIER” and Access “REPLICATIONID” data types are now migrated to a CHAR(36) and not CHAR(50) as before. This is for compability with how various applications and environments – including and most notably MS EntityFramework – expect data length of a Unique Identifier.

Downloads: https://www.webyog.com/product/downloads
Purchase: https://www.webyog.com/shop