SQLyog MySQL GUI 12.17 Released

Changes as compared to 12.16 include:

Bug Fixes:

* Fixed a memory leak as well as a crash in ‘session restore’ when writing a restore point. This  was reported by a number of users. We were never able to reproduce these issues ourselves but a number of affected users have tested and confirmed the fix.
* The formatter could add trailing space after specific keywords occuring at the end of a line.
* In CSV exports there was an additional comma after each row while exporting a table if the last column was not selected for export.


While exporting a table having BLOB/TEXT type column(s) to ‘fixed length CSV’, a warning message is displayed that this may result in truncation of data and user is given the choice whether to continue or not.

Downloads: https://www.webyog.com/product/downloads
Purchase: https://www.webyog.com/shop