SQLyog MySQL GUI 12.19 Released

With the SQLyog MySQL GUI 12.19 release, we have added a range of features that include virtual columns support for MySQL, establishing a SSL connection through an SSH – tunnel and much more.

Changes as compared to 12.18 include:


* Virtual Columns support for MySQL 5.7 onwards (Virtual Columns with MariaDB were already supported). Please see note below for details.
* SSL and SSH-tunnel are now not mutually exclusive. A SSL connection may now be established through an SSH-tunnel.  This is in particular useful with various sorts of “private clouds” where connection to the cloud requires SSH and privacy of the cloud is enforced by using SSL for internal communication in the cloud.
* Multiple files (.sql, .schemaxml, .queryxml) may now be opened in one operation in main editor window.

Bug Fixes:

* When importing from some (not commonly used) external data sources using a WHERE-clause a SPACE was missing before the “WHERE” keyword causing an error. This is actually an issue with ODBC-drivers affected, but this release has a workaround.
* In CREATE/ALTER TABLE dialog a default value could be specified for BLOB/TEXT columns. The server does not permit this and doing so will result in a server error. Now the GUI prevents it.
* Fixed minor bugs with the Virtual Columns support for MariaDB.


* SQLite has been upgraded to version 3.10.0. This results in performance improvements (in autocomplete in particular).

Downloads: https://www.webyog.com/product/downloads
Purchase: https://www.webyog.com/shop


An additional note about Virtual Columns support:

There is a very important difference between Virtual Columns in MariaDB and MySQL 5.7 as described here. With the MySQL implementation from 5.7.8 both SQLyog backup/restore, Data Sync and ‘copy to other’ would fail with a server error if tables contained virtual Columns (it worked with MariaDB). The most serious issue was, of course, that backups from tables with Virtual Columns could not be restored – simply because when you found out, it may have been too late already.

With this release all DML statements generated by SQLyog have been modified to consider Virtual Columns where needed – and also will consider the particularites of MariaDB and MySQL implementations.  However sync tools will not work with tables with Virtual Columns between MySQL and MariaDB as the syntax of the DDL differs.

We believe that SQLyog – except for ‘mysqldump’ from 5.7.9 –  is the first tool/client that will work with Virtual Columns of both MariaDB and MySQL.