SQLyog MySQL GUI 12.2.1 Released

The SQLyog MySQL GUI 12.2.1 release has fixed a range of bug issues related to the result tab, “copy database to a different host’ option and a few others.

Changes as compared to 12.2.0 include:

Bug Fixes:

* Updates from RESULT tab could fail with MySQL 4.1 servers. The recent code changes in order to support MySQL 5.7 Virtual Columns overlooked that there is no Information_Schema database in MySQL 4.1 and a required condition could not be verifed due to this.
* In rare cases “copy database to a different host” option could generate incorrect statements and copying would fail with a ‘columns count mismatch’ error. Also this was introduced with code changes in order to support Virtual Columns in MySQL. Virtual columns did not need to be present in source for the error to occur.
* Fixed a crash when copying table data to clipboard.


* Installer packages are now signed with a SHA2-hashed (and not SHA1 as before) certificate. Since recently Internet Explorer 11 has issued a security warning when installing from installer packages using a SHA1-hash with a build timestamp from Jan 1st 2016 or later. We were not aware of this policy-change by Microsoft when releasing SQLyog 11.1.9 and 12.2.0.

Downloads: https://www.webyog.com/product/downloads
Purchase: https://www.webyog.com/shop