SQLyog MySQL GUI 12.2.5 Released

With SQLyog MySQL GUI 12.2.5, JSON comes to SQLyog. This is a new and major thing.  Also, Foreign Key management with NDB tables was added and the user- filter was improved in the User Manager. Additionally, some non-critical GUI bugs were fixed.

Changes as compared to MySQL GUI 12.2.4 include:


* Added basic support for the JSON datatype as of MySQL 5.7.8+ and MySQL Cluster 7.5.2+. The datatype is now available in the CREATE/ALTER TABLE dialog and JSON data will open in the BLOB-viewer. In the BLOB-viewer we have added validation that content is valid JSON. Also JSON-related keywords and functions are recognized in syntax highlighting and autocomplete. Also please see note at the bottom.
* SQLyog GUI now supports Foreign Key constraints between NDB tables for MySQL Cluster 7.3+.
* It is now possible to filter the users based on a string in the drop-down list in the ‘User Manager’. It is similar to filtering the tables, databases and connections, and an improvement to the filter in previous versions.

Bug Fixes:

* In “Backup Database as SQL Dump”  when selecting ‘Data Only’ option, it was possible to select objects not containing data. This case is now handled more intuitive.
* At the bottom of the Object Browser there is a notification area (used for various purposes including security alerts, marketing campaigns etc). If SQLyog – for any reason – could not access our server checking for available notifications, the message “Internet access is restricted from this computer” would appear. It disturbed some users and does not display now.
* MySQL allows the columns with TIMESTAMP and DATETYPE datatypes to set the value to NULL, even if the column is defined with ’NOT NULL’. When set to NULL, MySQL will replace NULL with the CURRENT_TIMESTAMP value. Therefore it is now possible to select the option ‘Set To NULL’ for such columns by right clicking on the cell in the ‘Table Data’.
* When SQLyog restored the session after closing and reopening, editor tabs sometimes displayed editor line numbers only partially or otherwise incorrect as long as the tab did not have focus. This is now fixed.
* When pasting SQL templates for a table (from menu .. edit .. Insert Templates), INSERT and UPDATE query listed the virtual/generated columns in the template. This has now been removed from the templates.
* When deleting a connection tab the focus was not handled correctly in some cases, where it would highlight one connection tab and display the contents of another connection tab.
* CREATE/ALTER TABLE omitted a SPACE-character before the comment on a TIMESTAMP ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP column if a comment was specified, and the statement would fail.

A note about JSON:

The JSON support in recent MySQL versions is an interesting and important development. However, we don’t think it has fully matured yet. Also MySQL and MariaDB are very non-uniform in this. MariaDB does not support the JSON datatype currently (I understand it is planned for MariaDB 10.2, but implementation details may end up somewhat different than in Oracle/MySQL). With this release we have added basic functionalities for working with JSON data. The future will undoubtedly bring more (for instance GUI controls for JSON handling, conversion and formatting based on server-side functions available and/or client-side functionalities). But we have chosen a ‘conservative approach’ with this release, as we think it would be premature to do more at the moment. However, you are welcome to contact us or just comment in this blog, if there is something that is a ‘must have’ for you here.

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