SQLyog MySQL GUI 12.3.3 Released

This is a bug-fix release.  Please refer details below.

Changes as compared to SQLyog MySQL GUI 12.3.2 include:

Bug Fixes:

* Fixed an issue where Import External Data -jobs failed to authenticate SMTP.
* The sja.log would record syntax errors on recent servers if  Scheduled Backup was running with ‘Flush Master’ option. The generated backup file was OK. ‘Flush Master’ was deprecated in MySQL 5.6 and replaced with ‘Reset Master’. We now use ‘Reset Master’ with such servers.
* In email settings of Import External Data wizard it was possible to leave the subject empty.
* When re-ordering columns, an ON UPDATE -clause could be lost in specific cases.
* Fixed cases where index-level comments were not saved and copied.
* In ALTER TABLE dialog .. indexes tab, the ‘index type’ drop-down combo did not list a plain KEY as an option. It does now and is set as default. Before this, the user was supposed to leave the field empty, which was not intuitive.


* HISTORY tab will now record implicit commits.
* In SJA email notifications a TIMESTAMP may now be used with the subject. Also, the formatting of SJA mails was improved for better readability.

Downloads: https://www.webyog.com/product/downloads
Purchase: https://www.webyog.com/shop