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New Release – SQLyog 13.2.0


Tracking Changes in MySQL Configuration

What will you do if your system that is working perfectly fine, suddenly starts slowing down to the point where it stops responding? Your first reaction is to check the change in the workload. It is a common culprit for most of the sudden slowdowns.


Challenges Monitoring MySQL Performance

This blog discusses three of the biggest challenges in monitoring MySQL Performance and its potential solution. 


Monitor the top metrics in MySQL databases

As tables increase in size and more and more users come online, it becomes necessary to fine-tune the database server from time to time.


Benefit from third-party MySQL tools

Adding third-party tools can be an effective method of enhancing software, since they may provide additional features lacking in the original software.


SQLyog MySQL GUI v13.1.9 Released

This new release of SQLyog v13.1.9 includes a new feature and addresses multiple bugs.