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Hybrid cloud

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Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

For years database servers were hosted on either on-premises or colocation data centers. It was straightforward to walk down to the actual host where the server was located and see the blinking lights of the server.


A Guide to MySQL Troubleshooting

Effective MySQL troubleshooting starts with effective monitoring. Users need the ability to identify problems at their source so fixes can be made with minimal disruption to operations.


SQLyog MySQL GUI 13.1.8 Released

This new release of SQLyog 13.1.8 addresses multiple bugs.


How Secure Are Your MySQL Databases?

Your MySQL server environment may not be as secure as you think. Hackers are actively attacking and compromising MySQL servers. SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL helps a database team tighten security and protect enterprise data resources.


Tips for Improving Your MySQL Database Performance

It can be difficult to pinpoint the causes of a MySQL database to perform poorly. SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL provides vital information regarding your queries that can be used to tune your code and improve performance.


Where Can I Host MySQL Databases in the Cloud?

DBAs may be challenged by being required to support MySQL instances in a local data center as well as the cloud. SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL provides the features required to maintain high performance and availability for all servers in their environment.