Manage MySQL Server at Yahoo Small Business (and other shared hosting providers)


If you are hosting your website with Yahoo Small Business Hosting, you will be forced to use a web based admin tool to manage your MySQL database. In fact, the help page on managing MySQL categorically mentions that “You will not be able to access your database using a desktop client or other tools run outside of Yahoo!”(I bet they don’t read our blog). In this article, I will show you how you can use all the cool and powerful features of SQLyog Enterprise with Yahoo Small Business Hosting. The same concepts can be applied to connect to other hosting providers like Godaddy, Network Solutions etc. which don’t provide direct access to MySQL database.

Step by Step Setup Guide

1. Login to your Yahoo web-hosting and you will land in home page of “Web Hosting Control Panel”.

2. Select “Create and Update Tab” in the Web Hosting Control panel.

Web Hosting Control Panel

3. (Optional) Click “MySQL Database” under “Other Site Building and Editing Tools” to create/alter your MySQL username/password. If you already know your MySQL user name and password, skip this step.

MySQL Database Database Administrator

4. Now you need to upload the Tunnel Page (shipped with SQLyog Enterprise) to the Yahoo Web Server.

5. Select “Easy Upload” option under “File Management Tools”.

Easy Upload

6. Type in the path to SQLyogTunnel.php (available in the SQLyog Enterprise installation folder) and click on the “Upload Files”  button.


7. Verify the uploaded file by accessing it with a browser.

8. Start SQLyog Enterprise and configure the Connection tabs as specified in the screenshots. Change the User Name and Password to your Username/Password specified in Step 4. Make sure that the MySQL Host Address is set to “mysql” and not  “localhost”.

Connect to host

Click “HTTP” tab, Check “Use HTTP Tunneling” & in the URL field, provide the URL to SQLyogTunnel.php under your domain and click on “Connect”.

Http Tunnel Tab

9. You are now connected to your hosted MySQL Server. Enjoy the power of SQLyog Enterprise!


Download trial version of SQLyog Enterprise here.