Monyog MySQL Monitor 8.6.0 Has Been Released

This release simplifies upgrades for users having customized counters, fixes a number of non-critical bugs, adds support for MariaDB/Percona Server slow log extensions and makes it easier to register a Galera cluster.

Changes as compared to Monyog MySQL Monitor v8.5.0 include:


  • A Galera cluster can now be automatically registered specifying any single node in the cluster.
  • Optimized counter migration logic. This will reduce migration conflicts on upgrading Monyog tremendously. Post Monyog-8.6.0, a conflict will be raised on upgrade only if any counter definition is modified in the latest release and the user has also customized the same counter.
  • Added more columns for Slow Query log (for MariaDB and Percona Server) like full_scan, full_join etc. These values are written to Slow query log when ‘log_slow_verbosity’ is set to “Query_plan”.
  • Connection timeout (MySQL, SSH and SSH Tunnel) can now be set for servers individually. The default value is 30 seconds.

Bug Fixes:

  • Monyog logged an SQLite error “Udo.def: not an error” on fresh installation.
  • “Create User..” and “Create role..” queries were shown as a schema change in audit log.
  • Queries containing ‘<’ or ‘>’ were displayed with their HTML-entities ‘&lt’, ‘&gt’ in “Threads” page.
  • Monyog failed to read the MySQL log files when ‘log_output’ variable was set as both File and Table.
  • Monyog failed to connect and displayed “Operations error” when using Active Directory External Authentication.
  • In rare cases Monyog failed to raise alerts for the monitor “Recent entries of type [Error]”.


  • If the server’s log query path variable returns a relative path, then Monyog will generate the absolute path – required by Monyog – automatically.
  • Added the monitor “Most Advanced Node” in the Galera group.

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