Slack & Pagerduty Integration with Monyog v8.4.0

Important notice: With this release, we have changed the registration keys. As usual, the new keys are available for registered users from our Customer Portal.

Monyog MySQL Monitor v8.4.0 adds more alert and logging options and enhances the MONyog API. Further, we redesigned the settings page and a number of bugs were fixed.

Changes as compared to Monyog MySQL Monitor v8.3.2 include:


  • Added more notification channels (Slack and Pagerduty) for Monyog alerts. (Read more)
  • Option to write Monyog alerts in the Syslog of the machine where Monyog is installed. This option is only available for Linux.
  • Option to edit the subject line for Monyog alerts.
  • Added MONyog API to disable notification for a monitor based on a server/tag. (Read more)
  • Complete re-design of the Settings page.

Bug Fixes:

  • Export as CSV was downloading sorted based on “Average latency” column, even if sorted based on another column in Query Analyzer.
  • Fixed a case where Monyog sent bogus alerts.
  • Fixed a bug in reading RDS log files.
  • The Query filter “Custom” did not work in “Threads” page.
  • In rare cases, Monyog Disk space Monitoring alert gave false alerts.
  • The “Table” column returned empty values under “Tables” filter in Real-time.
  • SNMPv2 traps were having the same OID for two different objects what caused SNMP alerts failure with SNMPv2 services.


  • Increased the length of tag and server names to 2048 characters.

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