Secure Your MySQL Databases with These Best Practices

Author: Robert Agar

The escalating number of data breaches that afflict corporate information resources shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Your MySQL databases and the important data they contain may be in danger at this very moment.

Recent Attacks on MySQL Databases

Due to the popularity of MySQL as an open-source database platform, many organizations make use of this solution to store and process sensitive corporate and personal data. These databases present attractive targets to hackers attempting to plant malware or steal enterprise data resources. Lest you think that this problem is not real, consider these recent events that illustrate the danger posed by unsecured MySQL databases.

These are just a few examples of the many breaches and attempted hacks that plague MySQL environments. DBAs need to be aware of the risks and be committed to taking the necessary actions to protect their databases.

Best Practices for Securing MySQL Instances

MySQL database teams need to address the security of their servers with a multi-faceted approach. As companies move their databases to the cloud, providers are becoming involved in disseminating security recommendations to help their customers protect data resources. Here’s what one provider suggests as a starting point for strengthening MySQL security.

Here are some additional actions that you can take to improve MySQL security.

You should never take the security of your MySQL servers and database for granted. There can never be too great a focus put on protecting your organization’s data resources.

Monitoring Your MySQL Environment

Protecting your MySQL servers from hackers and internal unauthorized users requires a policy that includes comprehensive monitoring of the database environment. You need a tool that lets you know when things aren’t right so you can investigate and find out what exactly is going on with your MySQL databases.

IDERA’s SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL is a great solution to monitoring and protecting your MySQL databases and servers. The tool provides the capability to view your complete MySQL environment from a single web console and quickly drill down to investigate issues with specific instances. Security alerts can be generated to immediately notify relevant staff members of potential hacking attempts. You can watch for both internal and external security issues to keep your servers safe.

SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL also monitors database performance and makes recommendations to streamline server response. It’s a full-featured administrative and management platform for MySQL and MariaDB environments that will keep your systems more secure and improve their performance. You can try the tool for free to see how it can help your database team.