SQLyog 7.1 Has Been Released

Changes (as compared to 7.02) include:

* Added keyboard shortcut (F6) for Edit Index.
* The behaviour of Ctrl+R shortcut was slightly changed. It will now position cursor inside the active tab in Result pane. Before it was functional only with DATA tab and RESULT tabs.
* Added tab-navigation (for query tabs) entries in Edit-menu. Also the active Query tab can now be closed from menu.
* In certain situations Schema Sync would generate CHANGE-clauses for a column that basically did nothing (changing column to what it was). This is now ‘cleaned up’.
* A tab in the Query pane (a Query tab, a Schema Designer tab and a Query Builder tab) can now be closed with Alt+L keyboard shortcut and can now be navigated with Ctrl+pgup and Ctrl+pgdn keyboard shortcuts.
* Favorites are now displayed using Scintilla editor component. For statements with complex formatting this makes the preview more readable.
* Autocomplete now supports alias in UPDATE and DELETE statements.
* BLOB viewer and the program dialogues for schema sync, create/alter table, manage indexes (including sub-dialogues) manage foreign keys (including sub-dialogues) and manage privileges are now resizable. From now resizable dialogues have a ‘gripper’ icon in right bottom corner.
* Added a movable ‘splitter’ between the object area and the script area in schema sync dialogue.
* Preferences dialogue was redesigned.
* Added an option in Preferences to ‘Automatically refresh DATA tab on focus’. This was the program behavior before 7.0. In 7.0 to 7.02 it was not. Now it is optional.
* Shift+click is now functional for multiple selection everywhere in GRIDS (before it was only in Result/Table Data tabs).
* ‘show in text’ (Ctrl+L) is now functional for both DATA tab and RESULT tab. Also ‘Find’ (Ctrl+F) now works with DATA tab in text mode.
* Stop option implemented in data tab. This is in particular useful if accidentially the ’show all’ option was selected for a huge table.
* Added an icon in data tab tool bar indicating if current display is filtered. Also from this icon ‘reset filter’ can be applied directly.
* Added option in Schema Sync to compare all objects or compare only tables.
* Now the result tab displays the query as a ribbon at the bottom. This is useful where more queries are executed from the same editor tab.
* Refresh option included for show variables, show processlist and show status.
* Changed functionality for shortcut F3; now it pops up ‘Find’ dialog (before it was for keyboard shortcut dialog – F12 is used for this now).
* The sync script generated by Schema Sync could fail when a change in columns used for Foreign Key(s) or a change with the Foreign Key itself was attempted.
* The display of execution time etc. for queries (in MESSAGES tab, HISTORY tab and statur bar) was reorganised for better clarity.

Bug Fixes:
* The GRID would truncate the display of strings longer than 511 characters.
* When a user-defined DELIMITER and a comment occured close to another in the program editor, the editor tokenizer component could fail to identify exactly where a statement began and ended.
* Data Sync could fail with a table having no Primary Key, but more Unique Keys, if the same column was used for defining more than one of the Unique Keys of the table. This was introduced with the new Data Sync code of 7.0 (before 7.0 Unique Keys were not used by Data Sync at all – only Primary Keys were).
* Fixed an escaping bug in Data Sync.
* Fixed an issue with WHERE clause in Data Sync.
* Proxy authentication details were not written correctly to jobfile by SJA wizards.
* Since 7.0 the WHERE clause defined by user in migration wizard was not written to jobfile.
* In Wine Schema Sync could generate an erroneous sync script (specific functions on Wine functioned slightly different than the original Win32 API).
* Fixed a number of GUI related issues.
Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php