SQLyog 7.12 has been released

Changes (as compared to 7.11) include:

* This release improves the handling of Foreign Keys with HTTP-tunnelling. In Data Sync, Migration, ‘copy to other’, ‘empty database’ and ‘truncate database’ statements are now processed in batches and “SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS = 0″ statement (if selected by user) will be reinstantiated for every batch. This is a 100% solution to problems with FK’s normally occuring with PHP applications/connections due to the non-persistent nature of PHP<>MySQL connections:
* In preferences added an option to ‘force disable FK check throughout HTTP import batch process’. Selecting this will have same effect as above when importing external files with SQLyog (from tools .. restore from SQL-dump) over an HTTP-connection. It is selected as default.

Bug Fixes:
* On Wine selecting individual objects (like a single table) for export/copy could export/copy all. This was yet another issue with the tree-view control in Wine.
* Autocomplete with table alias failed if “FROM” in FROM-clause was written UPPERCASE.
* It was not possible to create the Primary Key on <target> with the Migration tool if using option to import using a user-specified query.
* Dropping a table ON which a TRIGGER was defined did not refresh the TRIGGERs folder for the database in the Object Browser. Also ‘reorder columns’ did not automatically refresh the COLUMNs folder for a table.
* The display in Object Browser could garble if program was minimized/maximized while a query was running.
* Right-clicking a only partially visible cell in DATA/RESULT tab would not select properly.
* The CREATE USER privilege (introduced in MySQL 5.03) was not handled by SQLyog user management.
* Fixed a painting issue in ‘manage privileges’ dialogue introduced with resizability in 7.11.
* Fixed an issue with the CSV import dialogue that could result in a ‘hang’ or ‘crash’.
* When nothing was selected for SQL export an empty file was generated.  Now an error pops up.
* Fixed a crash in data sync. This issue affected only empty tables (or empty WHERE results) without a PK.
* CSV-export escaped wrong inside enclosed/quoted strings. Only the enclose character itself should be escaped, but also field seperator character and linebreaks were.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php

Also SJA for Linux was updated with the fix for the data sync issue.