SQLyog 7.5 beta1 Has Been released

Changes (as compared to 7.15) include:

* New major feature: Query Formatter. Any SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT or DELETE statement can be formatted with a single click.  Various formatting options/styles are available in ‘preferences’.
* New major feature: Query Profiler.  With this feature enabled every SELECT statement will trigger execution of EXPLAIN (EXTENDED) and SHOW PROFLE (if supported by server) for the query and will detect changed SESSION STATUS VARIABLES (with some additional explanation of the meaning of those) due to execution of the query. The feature is highly configurable. The information will display in an ‘Analyzer’ tab opening in the DATA/RESULT area. With this new feature there is no longer an excuse not to profile queries continously in the application development process – simply because whether you do it or not the effort will be practically the same! Refer to documentation for full details and for limitations of current implementation. This beta contains first step (only) planned for this feature.
* New improved icon theme with larger icons (in progress).  The old icon theme originated back from a time where monitor resolutions were lower than what is mostly the case today.
* Added an option to force LETTERCASE (Uppercase/Lowercase) for display of keywords and functions in the editor. Note that only the display in editor is affected. When copying or saving, the LETTERCASE will be copied be as it was entered.
* A VIEW can now be generated directly from the Query Builder.
* Status bar will now display information like “showing x rows of total y”.
* Some minor GUI usability improvements and fixes in Data Grid and in Object Browser.

Bug Fixes:
* If BLOB-viewer was closed by clicking the upper-left corner ‘x’ symbol, changes were lost without warning.
* A SQL script with a user´defined DELIMITER using semicolon failed in editor as well as when importing an external script.  Most important  “DELIMITER ;;” (double semicolon) did not work – but other DELIMITER strings using semicolon (like triple semicolon etc.) did not either (however note that with HTTP tunnelling and when importing external files this is not yet completed ).

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php

NOTE: We really would appreciate feedback on the new features added here! All the new major features are in continued development. The earlier prososals and comments come, the better we can consider those.   Please use the ‘SQLyog BETA Discussions’ category in our Forums!