SQLyog 8.02 RC Has Been released

Changes (as compared to 8.01) include:

* Both SQLyog and SJA will now detect if Base64 encoding is required for HTTP-tunnel.

Funtionality changed:
*  CHUNK setting  (for exports)  now also has effect for non-HTTP-tunneled connections.  Using this option is required if it takes more time to retrieve data from a table than server ‘net_write_timeout’ setting.
*  SQLyog will now not reconnect if connection is lost during imports.  Instead an error message will prompt (the reason for this is that session variables defined on top of the script  would be reset to server defaults with reconnection.  As a result (and most important) special characters could garble and other errors could occur as well)..
* When trying to INSERT or UPDATE spatial data types from the DATA/RESULT tab SQLyog will now throw an error.  Spatial data must be handled from the editor (but a result set from a table with spatial columns can be updated from RESULT tab if there are no spatial columns in the result).

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php