SQLyog 8.03 Has Been released

Changes (as compared to 8.02) include:

* New major feature: column width persistence in GRIDs. Once you have defined a column width for a combination of database/table/column the defined column width will always be used. Note that connection details are not used for identifying columns with this new functionality so with replicated and identically named synchronized databases it is sufficient to define in one place. Alias’ed columns in results are handled by the column name and not the alias. Non-column results (like constants, results of expressions/functions, returns of SHOW etc.) are not supported currently. The feature can be turned on/off. Note that if both this new option and the old ”Truncate column headers … ” is checked in program ‘preferences’ the “Truncate ..” option will be ‘overridden’ by the new column width persistence feature.
* Resizing columns in GRID was made easier. A ‘zone’ around the column splitter and not only the splitter line itself will now accept the mouse event.
* ‘Find’ dialogue will now remember last used values.
* Added an option to open a file in a new tab (Editor tab and Schema Designer tab).
* Added an option to use ‘hard SPACES’ for tabulation in the editor (with this checked the code will display identically when copied to other programs).
* In editor you can now start typing a query in any position and <ENTER> will position cursor in same position of the next line.
* Added ‘view data’ option to the context menu of a VIEW.
* In Query Builder PK-columns are now marked with a (beginning) ‘*’ .
* In Object Browser introduced a new ‘key’ icon for PK-columns.
* ‘Find’ was implemented in BLOB viewer. Currently there is only the Ctrl+F shortcut to do this and no other GUI option (no button or whatever).
* In Schema Sync added a ‘refresh’ option in the dropdowns for <source> and <target> databases.
* The program dialogues for SHOW variables/processlist/status, SHOW warnings with CSV-import and Table advanced properties are now resizable.

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed an issue where SQLyog failed to SET NAMES when reconnecting.
* Exporting floating point data as Excel XML could truncate data.
* Quite a lot of fixes for (mostly cosmetical) GUI issues.
* Fixed some ‘flickering’ issues.
* Double clicking in the GRID could cause the GRID position to move. .
* Fixed a bug with detection of encoded strings stored in BLOBs (This was introduced in 8.0 – and it is still recommended to use TEXT types for encoded strings).

* For 16×16 icons we now use the icons from before 8.0. The new icons had too many details for this resolution. Also now users that prefer the old icons can have them!
* A restriction on the file size to be loaded into the editor introduced in 7.12 was enlarged from 2 MB to 20 MB. A warning will now print if size is exceeded (but also note that there is no such restriction when importing external files (from tools .. restore ..)).

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php