SQLyog 8.04 Has Been released

Changes (as compared to 8.03) include:

* Crash dumps with no information (zero-size) will now be deleted automatically.
* When saving/copying from the editor the LETTERCASE modfications for keywords and functions will now be preserved.
* Selecting a ‘child’ object for a table (columns and indexes) will now refresh the DATA tab if DATA tab is open. Before only selecting the table object itself did. Also the table information is now available in OBJECTS tab when a column or index is selected.
* Now also a ‘key’ icon is used for identifying the Primary Key in an Object Browser ‘Indexes’ folder,
* When a GRID cell is only partly visible, doubleclicking it will move the grid position so that cell/row will become visible (before it worked like that with singleclick – we changed to doubleclick as this is a de facto standard in such grids – in Excel for instance).
* The copy database/table dialogue will now expose detailed information about objects copied.
* In ’empty database’ added a ‘SELECT ALL’ option in order to avoid multiple confirmation popups.

Bug Fixes:
* An index defined on more than one column displayed as many time in the Object Browser as the number of columns used for defining the index.
* Fixed scrolling issues with the GRIDs.
* The GRID of CREATE/ALTER TABLE dialogue required double-click in a cell before pasting into that cell was possible.
* Query Builder ‘copy query to same query tab’ was broken.
* Query formatter would insert Unix linebreaks (\n) instead of Windows linebreaks (\r\n) between multiple queries what in turn could result in that the tokenizer/editor would fail to recognize exactly where a statement started and ended.
* In the Schema Sync dialogue the ‘compare’ button could grey out. This bug was introduced with the ‘refresh’ option added in 8.03.
* The ‘include column names’ option in CSV-export dialogue (including ’save to clipboard’) was not persistent.
* Fixed some flickering and repainting issues in Schema Designer in particular as well as other similar small issues elsewhere in the program.
* A floating point value displayed in the form “.1234” (no ZERO before the decimal sign) would be exported as integer “1234” with “export as Excel XML”. Also NULL values for numerical types could result in a XML file that Excel would not open.
* Adding/dropping an index would collapse the ‘columns’ folder for the table in Object Browser and vice versa.
* F6 keyboard shortcut was disabled if focus was on a ‘columns’  folder in Object Browser.
* When using “copy database” and an error occurred while copying a ‘stored program’ the copy proces would not abort on error. Instead next object was copied or attempted copied. This has been changed so that behaviour with ‘stored programs’ is the same as with tables.
* When clicking the database dropdown in the connection manager of SJA wizards the mouse pointer did not change to an ‘wait state’ pointer while list of databases was fetched from the server, what could give user an impression of SQLyog ‘hanging’ .
* Progress bar improvement with “Export as SQL dump” and “Restore from SQL dump”.  Also progress information with files larger than 4 GB displayed wrong due to 32 bit integer overflow. Now a 64 bit integer is used.
* Lots of small GUI fixes reported internally and by users.

Functionality changed:
* We will now not UPDATE a row of data from DATA or RESULT tab if any of the columns displayed for the actual row contains data identified as binary data by containing a NULL byte (’\0′ in C-notation) no matter whether this occurs for binary, varbinary, char or varchar types. Instead an error message will print (reason for this: the UPDATE operation would store what was displayed – not the underlying binary data causing the display).
* The arrow icons displaying in column headers of the DATA grid indicating sorting state have been replaced/reverted to conform with de-facto standards.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php