SQLyog 8.13 beta 1 Has Been Released

Changes (as compared to 8.12) include:

* SQLyog can be started with a ‘-dir’ switch like “SQLyogENT -dir somefolder”. This -dir switch specifies where SQLyog will look for the sqlyog.ini file and where all writeable files will be saved.  This was mainly implemented for users that want to have all SQLyog-related files on a removeable drive or some kind of encrypted storage. Note that if you use the setting in ‘preferences’ to store TAGS file some specific place the ‘preferences’ setting will still have effect,  also if the -dir switch is used.
* Improved/rearranged the GRIDS in Data Sync and Import External Data wizards .
* SJA mail functionality now supports SSL/TLS encryption.
* ALTER VIEW will now format the SELECT-part of the VIEW definition.
* Now all batch jobs will not generate BULK INSERTS larger than 16MB (like already implemented in Import External Data in 8.11).
* In CREATE/ALTER TABLE the charset and collation columns can now be hidden for better overview (most users never use  it).

Bug Fixes:
* Edit menu showed F5 for both Refresh and Execute Query.
* Autocapitalisation settings had effect where they should not.  It has now been disabled in MESSAGES tab and in the error dialogue.
* Non-column results (like functions, expressions etc.) were affected by column-width persistence feature what they should not (it had weird effects sometimes).
* Various places a horizontal scrollbar displayed where it was not requiered.
* Fixed wrong behaviour with GRID scrollbar after resize.
* ALTER TABLE dialogue executed SHOW TABLE STATUS with no LIKE-clause.  That could be slow with a large number of big InnoDB tables in a database.
* PROFILER tab sometimes did not show after executing multiple queries.
* After doing FILTER in DATA tab, LIMIT would be reset to previous value.
* A ‘duplicate key’ error would occur with batch jobs (including Data Sync) if an autoincrement column had a ‘0’ value. We now set ‘NO_AUTO_VALUE_ON_ZERO’ sql_mode for batch jobs.
* On Wine F8 keyboard shortcut was only functional after executing a query.
* When copy database/table from a MySQL server 5.1 or higher to a 3.x or 4.0 server timestamps with ON UPDATE-clause caused a syntax error as ON UPDATE is not valid on such target.  There was no issue when source was 5.0 as we transform the CREATE statement.  But the condition had a bug so it  did not work with 5.1+ .
* It was not possible to enter an empty string in the GUI for ENUM/SET management.
* When queries were inserted from ‘edit .. paste SQL statements’ menu the tokenizer editor component could fail to identify exactly where a statement started and stopped. Reason was that the tokenizer expects Windows linebreaks (\r\n) but templates contained Unix linebreaks (\n).

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php