SQLyog MySQL GUI 8.18 and 8.2 RC2 Has Been released

The primary reason for this release are the bug fixes (included with both 8.18 and 8.2 RC2):

* Schema Sync failed to set the auto-increment flag when syncing a table having this flag to a table not having. This bug was introduced in 8.13.
* SMTP authentication and notification could fail with passwords having special characters.
* Solved a crash with Query builder while creating VIEWs.
* INFO tab/HTML format was showing incorrect value for table’s data size having values in Gigabytes.

Additionally 8.18 includes  Bug Fixes already available in 8.2 beta and RC’s:
* The display of the optimized query from EXPLAIN EXTENDED is now truncated to 2 KB. With long BLOB/TEXT data there will need to be some limit.
* Schema Sync will now query Information_Schema for a VIEW definition. MySQL sometimes returns ‘databasename.viewname’ and not just ‘viewname’ when using SHOW CREATE .
* The fix in 8.15 for the issue that Windows Vista and higher could warn that SQLyog was not properly installed was not complete. It could still happen.

Additionally 8.2 RC2 includes:
* Schema optimizer will now throw a warning if table is empty. Also interface now has link to help/documentation.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php