SQLyog MySQL GUI 8.21 RC Has Been Released

Change (as compared to 8.2) include:

* Now SJA will also send mail alert if job aborted due to MySQL error. Before it was only internal SJA error.
* The local port used by SSH-tunneling will now be selected automatically. This will avoid conflicts in case multiple programs use SSH. Also with Data Sync from command-line/scheduler it was possible to use same port for both connections what would effectively sync a server with itself.
* Caption for ‘Parse’ button in Notification Services Wizard was changed to make it clear that it will actually execute the statement(s) entered. There is no way to let the server parse a statement except for executing it.
* Connection windows for SSH connections will now list SSH host details in the title bar.
* Tooltips for an icon will now list the keyboard shortcut performing same action.
* The option to display ‘all’ versus a ‘LIMIT’ed set of rows in DATA tab is now table-specific and saved across sessions (note that – similar to the ‘column width persistence’ feature –  connection parameters are not  using for identifying a table; only the database name and the table name are).

Bug Fixes:
* Continously clicking the ‘Calculate’ button in Schema Optimizer in a fast manner could crash SQLyog.
* The keyword.db file (used by auto-complete and syntax highlighting) is now read only. Various validators for Windows7-compatibility would report that SQLyog wrote to “Program Files” folder at runtime (what it did not).
* When copying to clipboard an out of memory error could occur also when there was enough memory.
* The table menu will now indicate what storage engine is currently used for the table.
* Auto-complete and syntax highlighting did not recognize keywords archive, blackhole, federated, example, maria, pbxt, federatedx, falcon and mrg_myisam.
* Notifications Services/’Send Query to Email address’ option did not send a mail if an error occurred. Now a mail listing the error will be sent.
* We did not validate client-side if user specified a default value for an auto-increment column (what is invalid with MySQL).
* In DATA and RESULT tab the context menu was only working from GRID-cells. Now it also does from GRID headers and ‘whitespace’ in the tabs.
* Updating a  ‘TIMESTAMP on update CURRENT_TIMESTAMP’ had no effect (the particular column was not listed in the UPDATE-statement sent by SQLyog). This was a necessary restriction before 8.13 but since we – from 8.13 – only list columns that have actually been edited by user, we can now lift this restriction.
* Import External Data – TRIGGERS could fail to update a SQL Server (n)varchar if it contained an empty string.
* If user had selected to save SSH-password locally and later changed the password, the new password was not saved – unless clicking ‘save’ button in connection manager interface.
* When importing an external script with no explicit SET NAMES on top, SET NAMES latin1 was executed by SQLyog.  Now we won’t do this – and server default charset will have effect for the import in such case.
* Other small GUI fixes.

* This release ships with an updated tunneler file for HTTP-tunneling. In the old tunneler file functions were used that are depreciated in PHP 5.3x.
* The ‘Objects’ menu was renamed to ‘Others’.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php