SQLyog MySQL GUI 8.3 beta 1 Has Been Released

Changes (as compared to 8.22) include:

* Added an option to define a ‘color code’ for a connection.  The color will be used as background color in the Object Browser.
* A Query Builder session can now be saved and resumed.
* In Query Builder a table alias can be defined for any table by double-clicking the title bar of the table symbol.
* In RESULT tab results can now be retrieved page-wise. This is ON as default with this build with a defined LIMIT of 1000 rows.  For a specific query user can change and for this specific query the setting is persistent across sessions. Also read ‘miscellaneous’ paragraph below.

Bug Fixes:
* Deleting a user would leave non-global privileges orphaned in the ‘mysql’ database.  Now we use DELETE USER syntax if server supports.
* Also using EDIT USER dialogue to change host or user specifier for a user would not move non-global privileges.  We have split the old ALTER USER dialogue into two:  a EDIT USER and RENAME USER dialogue. The latter will use RENAME USER syntax if server supports.
* On Wine Data Sync could generate a malformed XML-string what would case Data Sync to abort.
* Fixed an issue where SSH-tunneling failed with public/private key authentication. Technically the fix is in the PLINK binary shipped with SQLyog.
* SJA failed to send notification mails if Yahoo SMTP servers were used. Note that the fix disables encryption option with Yahoo SMTP servers – but it won’t work anyway due to a non-standard SMTP implementation server-side.
* When importing data from a Universe ODBC-source string data could be truncated.
* The fix in 8.22 for the issue that horizontal scrollbar in GRID would sometime not appear was not complete. It could still happen.
* SQLyog will now trim trailing whitespaces in Connection Manager and Create object dialogs to avoid MySQL Errors.
* Small GUI fixes.

* The default LIMIT setting for DATA tab has been removed.  The setting is not required since we introduced table-level persistence for number of rows displayed.  The default for new tables that have not been opened before is 50 – but when user changes the value and next ‘refresh’es SQLyog will save the LIMIT for that particular table persistently across sessions.   This in combination with page-wise display in RESULT tab results in a more uniform User Interface for DATA and RESULT tabs.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php