SQLyog MySQL GUI 8.32 (GA) and 8.4 beta1 Have Been Released

We simultaneously release SQLyog versions 8.32 (GA) and 8.4 beta1.

8.32 contains those fixes added since 8.3 that we consider GA quality.  Most of those were included in 8.31 beta1 already.  However for others we have decided that they will require more refinement or more testing before they will be included in a GA release.  Those are included with 8.4 beta1 along with new fixes  added after 8.31 beta1.  So for some time (a few weeks probably) there will be a stable tree (8.3x) and a development tree (8.4x).

Details for 8.32  (as compared to 8.3) are:

Bug Fixes:
* If ’all rows’ option for a table was selected in DATA tab this setting had effect when switching to a table that had never been viewed before. Consequently first selecting ‘all rows’ for a small table and next selecting a huge table could cause system memory exhaustion. This bug was introduced with the table-level row-number persistence in 8.22. Now a table that has never been opened before will be opened first time with the default LIMIT setting.
* First time a specific query was executed paging in RESULT tab (as introduced in 8.31 beta1) did not work properly for that query.
* If paging was disabled for RESULT tab the ‘rows in a range’ radiobutton was still selected (but ‘greyed out’ though).
* When printing from Schema Designer blank sheets could be printed if a table object was positioned close to the border of a page.
* Fixed (yet another) multimonitor issue.
* When a Query Builder tab was closed with an unchanged QB layout, SQLyog prompted if changes should be saved.
* If tables named identically except for lettercase existed in same database on a unix/linux server one of those tables would display data for the other table  in DATA tab.  The wrong table was specified in the query sent to MySQL. This bug was introduced in 8.0.
* Fixed a crash when copying data to clipboard from DATA tab using toolbar icon.
* Improved GUI in ‘Import External Data Tool’ wizard (explaining limitations with various Microsoft ODBC drivers).
* SQLyog connection manager required a user name, what prevented connection as a MySQL  ‘anonymous user’.
* The automatic detection of what local port to use for SSH-tunneling (as introduced in 8.21) could in rare situations detect a port from where connection was not possible.
* Schema Sync could generate an invalid USE .. LIMIT … statement. This bug was introduced with paging in RESULT tab in 8.3.

Additionally 8.4 beta1 includes:

* Dumps created with ’scheduled backup’ can now be zipped. Note: the limitation with the archive file name in 8.31 beta1 has been lifted. Now the full unicode range can be used.
* ‘Notifications Services’ can now read queries from an external file.
* Added an option to send a mail alert if an error occurs while executing a ‘maintenance query’ from Notifications Services.
* In RESULT tab data can now be sorted by clicking on column headers like already possible in DATA tab. However note the difference as compared to sorting in DATA tab: in DATA tab we will send a SELECT .. ORDER BY .. query to MySQL – in RESULT tab we will sort inside the internal SQLyog data buffer. That means that for strings sorting in RESULT tab does not respect the collation defined for the data. Also all sorting on string values in RESULT tab is currently always case-insensitive (and note: this also applies to binary types: binary, varbinary and BLOB).
* ‘copy to clipboard’ and ‘export to CSV-file’ -settings are now independent.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
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