SQLyog MySQL GUI 8.5 RC Released

Changes (as compared to 8.5 beta3) include:

* Improved the speed of  (csv, html, xml, excelxml and sql) -exports from RESULT tab.

Bug Fixes:
* The grid control in Manage Index dialog did not resize properly with some monitor resolutions.
* Small bugfixes with new features added in 8.5 betas like the tabbed connections interface and filtering.

* The option in ‘preferences’ to ‘Add keywords in UPPERCASE’ is removed.  It was redundant since introduction of  the ‘auto-capitalization’ feature.
* Dialog fonts are now default system font.
* In order to save space Query Builder and Schema Designer tabs will now show the filename without (‘.queryxml ‘and ‘.schemaxml’) extensions.
* Installers will now have two numbers after the numbers identifying the version no. (identical to common naming conventions for RPM installers for Linux). This in order to ensure that every installer we build has a unique name. Various proxy systems would sometimes cache and provide the old file on download request.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php