SQLyog MySQL GUI 8.55 Released

Changes (as compared to 8.54) include:

Bug Fixes:
* If user edited data in RESULT-tab GRID and changed from Edit Mode to Read Only mode without saving, the UPDATE statement would omit the proper WHERE-clause. As a consequence all rows would be updated. This bug was introduced in 8.4. All users using 8.4 or higher should upgrade due to this serious bug..
* Sorting and filtering on YEAR-type columns in RESULT tab did not work.  Now it works with YEAR(4), but with YEAR(2) it still does not with this release.
* A connection tab/window can now be closed even if there is only one connection (this fix is backported from 8.6 beta release).
* Fixed an issue with Schema Sync when source and target differed in both columns and Foreign Keys. Sometimes the ALTER script would only specify the FK-changes to target (also this fix is backported from 8.6 beta release).

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