SQLyog MySQL GUI 8.6 beta1 Released

Changes (as compared to 8.54) include:

*User Management is completely redesigned and rewritten. Now privileges on all levels – as well adding/deleting/renaming users and changing passwords – are managed from the same interface – an expandable tree view. Also GRANT and REVOKE syntax is now used (before the MySQL privileges tables were manipulated directly).
* Added a ‘custom filter’ option in DATA and RESULT tab GRIDs. With this option, user can filter on any value from any cell.
* A connection tab/window can now be closed even if there is only one connection

Bug fixes:
*In text-mode, columns in DATA and RESULT tab would not align properly with non-ASCII characters. We were basically counting bytes – not characters. This is now fixed. But note that alignment issues may still happen in special cases with some non-western scripts in cases where the font itself prints more characters with the width of a single character.
* Fixed an issue with Schema Sync when source and target differed in both columns and Foreign Keys. Sometimes the ALTER script would only specify the FK-changes to target.
* Fixed some bugs when migrating default values from SQL server using Import External Data. Issues were occurring with specific default values and datatypes.
* Terminating a job from SJA wizards was not killing the PLINK process used for SSH-tunneled connection.
* The dialog for defining ENUM/SET properties only appeared after clicking the ‘length’ cell from CREATE/ALTER TABLE. Now it pops up as soon as user has selected the ENUM/SET type.
*The output in the MESSAGES tab is restructured to make the output more readable when multiple queries are executed.
* Other small GUI fixes.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php